Greetings to you! Alan here (Marvin’s son). Dad continues to enjoy the messages and photos coming his way. My brother, Mark, is at home with he and Mom enjoying time together. My family plans to arrive there on Tuesday evening. Should be a special Thanksgiving for the Phillips family this year. We have now activated the Marvin Phillips Caring Bridge page. This is a great place to post comments and to stay informed about Dad and our family. You may email photos to Thank you so much! Phil. 1:3.

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Update from Alan

To friends of Marvin Phillips, this is Alan, his oldest son. Dad has been in quite a health battle due to congestive heart failure and recently spent 18 days in ICU in Tulsa. He is now home with Mom, where Hospice care is serving his needs. We respectfully ask for your understanding of ‘no visitors’ at this time. We are in the process of setting up a Caring Bridge account and will use that as a communication line, whereby the family can keep you updated and you can send messages. We are very much at peace and appreciate so much your prayer cover. Feel free to send along reflections of Dad’s influence in your life. These mean a lot to him and to the family. Bless you!!!

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MPM Quarterly Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter Mar. 31, 2010 Vol.X, No.1

I made my 27th trip to South Africa, Feb. 11-26, accompanied by my son-in-law & grandson, Dale & Kent Bresee, and Austin McIlroy. We did a weekend seminar in Durban along with Roger Dickson, Denville Willie and Malvin Kivedo from Capetown. Great interest and excitement among various churches with area churches of Christ taking the lead in planning the event.

Dale, Kent and Austin joined me in Capetown after a trip to Venda. We did an area seminar on Leadership, Home & Family, Morality and youth issues. Again great attendance and interest. We split up to preach in area Churches on Sunday; then Dale & I left for home on Feb. 25; Kent & Austin will stay until April 28.

NEW BIBLE PROJECT: Roger Dickson has been expanding his Study New Testament to include translating the whole Bible and adding a full commentary. The finished product will have 2500 pages; and we hope to put a copy in “every church in Africa”. Cost will be @ $12.00 per copy. SURELY YOU’LL WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS PROJECT. Write us for more details.

DEHYDRATED SOUP MIX PROGRAM. We have a million servings in distribution reaching eleven African nations. Money has been raised for the next crate which should be shipped in the near future.

Tulsa hosted the 35th Annual International Soul Winning Workshop, Mar. 24-27. Attendance was up this year as well as interest and excitement. Go online to learn more and order cd’s & dvd’s from

And please don’t forget that God loves you; I love you and that’s the way it’s gonna be!

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Tulsa Workshop

The 35thAnnual, Tulsa International Soul Winning Workshop has come and gone. Thousands came from all over the world. Speakers were excellent; crowds were energetic. And the singing was magnificent. Plus the fellowship!!!! “What a fellowship; what a joy divine….!” Get cd’s or dvd’s of all speeches thru the workshop website, . And plan to attend next year, Mar. 23-26, 2011, when the theme will be “Unchained!” “If the Son makes you free, then are you free indeed!” Thanks for coming this year. We hope to see you next year!!!

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ONE BODY is simply a fantastic magazine with a tremendous mission. A clarion call to all believers to enjoy the “unity and fellowship” for which Jesus prayed and the Bible teaches.
Victor Knowles is editor. I’m honored to be one of the staff writers of this quality magazine; It is published quarterly. The Spring issue is about to come out. It will feature the “exclusivity”of the Christian claim. In a world of religious pluralism and tolerance for Eastern Religions and alternative lifestyles, IT IS TIME to sound again the pure and powerful call of the gospel of Christ. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except by me!” (John 14:5); Has that message become outdated? Or needed more than ever? Subscribe at ONE BODY MAGAZINE, % POEM Ministries, P.O.Box 275, Joplin, Mo., 64802.
Please DO IT; and please let me know how you like it!!! Phi.1:3

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